Home Sharing

I believe that sharing with other helps making a better world.
Not only sharing properties and tools, but opinions and information too.hands

  • If I come up with an idea to make something faster and cheaper and I share it, others can enjoy the benefits too.
  • If I am cheated by a company, I publish my experience and other people might decide to keep away from that company. This will save troubles to people , and at the same time push the company to improve their service/products, resulting in a global benefit for everybody.
  • Even when it goes about private matters or feelings, sharing our thoughts is always positive. Human learns faster from others experience then from theoretic books.

I imagine the world like a complex being, where animals plants and mineral are all interconnected with each-other, and all necessary for the functioning of the world being. We are like cells and the hearth the complete body.
Centuries of political conflicts has undermine much of the communication among us cells.
Now, thanks to internet, a new global communication has rised again.
The great step of internet, is not so much that we can buy something sitting at our desk. Much more is that the distance to communicate among people has got suddenly short. It takes the same to communicate to a friend in the neighbourhood as to a person at the other side of the world. And we don’t even need to know each other to start a conversation.