Iona laic Baptism

We have celebrate the laic baptism of our daughter on the 31/03/2012 in Seville.

Here follow the ceremony speech:

The word “baptism” has various meanings.
The oldest derives from the Greek word baptismós, which means immersion, bath.
All living beings have originated from water, that is the lifeblood of this great living body called world, or nature.
With this baptism we celebrate our union with our mother hearth.
Not only nature has given us this life, She also made us queens and kings of her kingdom, as She gave us an immense liberty.
To remind us that actually we depend entirely on Her we like to celebrate the baptism of Iona enunciating the following 5 wishes.

  • Dear Iona, everyone has a father or mother, grandparents or uncles and aunts …. and we must respect them, but most of all we have to respect the mother of all mothers: Nature, that gave us life and gives us everything we need to live.
  • Dear Iona, we have brothers and friends with whom we share part of our lives, but remember that every person in this world is your brother and your friend and you have to assist them. Do not hurt anyone, and avoid, as much as you can, that they are being hurt by others.
  • Dear Iona, do not forget to have respect for yourself. Life is a journey, and each intersection is a decision you take. Place Justice at the first place. If you place first your interest, you will lose the respect for yourself.
  • Dear Iona, despite these serious words, life is beautiful. The more you get to know it the more you will see how wonderful it is. Put all your efforts in knowing rather in owning, and you will have everything you could wish.
  • Dear Iona, the world is your home. Make sure to leave it a bit better then when you arrived.

We had the fortune to celebrate this event with Max and Carmen.
Max, the godfather, and Carmen, the godmother, are an example to us of peace and joy in this life.
With the hope that they will transmit you a bit of their magic, receive from their hands the water of Nature.

The water falls on her head.


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