A parrot above cloud

What happened to me two days ago has deeply chanced me. During my last flight I was taking picture out of the window. I love flying above cloud and I’ve quite a collection of sky picture from airplane window.

Suddenly I saw a spot of colour in front of me. By coincidence I had just press the camera shutter.

airplaine-parrot1I looked at the camera screen and I could be sure that it had not been a dream. The air plane had just passed by a parrot, a Macaw parrot.

I could not believe. Macaw parrot lives in south America. I was flying from Amsterdam to Seville. I checked the time. I should have been above France.

Did I took the wrong flight, got asleep and walk up above some country in south America? No, it was not possible.

What the hell then was a Macaw parrot doing in France ?

Maybe a terrible disaster. Animals fleeing in all directions from a burning world?

I looked again out of the window, searching for some dark signs of disaster. Nothing. Everything was so peaceful and beauty.

But my stress did not calm down. I kept on worrying about our world underneath.

What if nature had rebelled against the oppression of mankind? What if nature revolved in all kind of surface eruptions? What if nothing down there had remained? No places, no houses no friends or family, not even history ?

The remaining flight was a torture. My muscles tensed , my mind trapped into thoughts going round and round.

Finally we flew down the cloud, our hearth was still there.

We got closer, and everything was normal. Roads filled with moving points, big fields of all kind of yellow colours, some calm tree here and there.

We landed. Still I was not reassured. When I walked out of the airplane I was still tensed. I looked at the people waiting to get in. They all had normal expression. Apparently there in Seville nothing had happened.

Had it just be a dream? I stopped and sat on a bench, while the crowd of passenger passed me by. I switched on my camera and checked the last picture. The Macaw parrot was there. I had to believe it.

What kind of message was he bringing?



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