My last experience with Hertz

I had a terrible experience with Hertz rent a car.

This is what I faced with this company :
■Hertz employ in Italy telling me lies.
■Inexisting aftersale customer service in Italy. Maybe they exist but they do not answer to clients.
■Dutch customer service answer, but act like they ignore client’s questions.
■Dutch customer service threatening to charge extra money.
■A general a sense of being treated like an idiot.

I wonder if I’m the only being treated this way by Hertz car renting.

Here the cronology of my last experience with Hertz.

In 2013 I booked a car with Hertz for a weekend in Italy (I was going to participate to a friend’s wedding) for which I paid in advanced on the internet.

On the evening of June 21st , I landed in Bologna and head to the Hertz pick-up office. After making a queue of half an hour, I presented my reservation to the Hertz employ.

The employee asked me the credit card. I did not have it because it was not mentioned in the reservation, which I explained to her.

She insisted that I surely receive information about having to present the credit card, and she add that probably I did not read carefully the papers. The employ was so self secure that I started to doubt. So I gave up having a car (actually before me I saw two other clients living the hertz desk because of my same problem with credit card).

I had already paid the car rent, so I asked the employ if it was possible to recover my money.

She answered affirmative. She explained me that I had to write to the customer service and ask a refund. She handed me a paper wit hertz contacts and pointed to the email : (see picture aside).hertz-customer-italy

The result was that I couldn’t assist to my friend party. Luckily I manage to take a train and make it to the church ceremony, the day after.

After that weekend I had the time to check the correspondence with Hertz.

I examined the emails and their attachment : there was none specifying the credit-card need.

So I wrote an email complaining for the wrong information I got and asking the refund.

I got no answer at all. I wrote a second time . No reaction from Hertz.

I searched the web for alternatives email. But was the only italian email I could find. I wrote another two times, but still Hertz did not react.

I was already fed up and was thinking of giving up. I did not care for the money, but I was really upset being fooled that way. Previously I never had troubles with hertz.

So I wrote to the customer service in Holland, where I live. I complain about the terrible service of Hertz Italy.

I received very fast an answer.

Nothing about the horrible customer service in Italy, no excuses, no answer to my questions, just a laconic text telling me that I would be charged 95 € as “No Show Fee”.

I could not believe.

I wrote again , asking clearly two question: : why Heerts told me so many wrong information and why Hertz Italy customer office was ignoring their client.

Again I received an email with no answers. Just the same text telling me that they would charge me 95 € as “No Show Fee”.

Of course they never put in practice this threat.

I still wonder what was the best office . Herts Italy (completely ignoring the client) or the Hertz Holland (completely ignoring the client questions).

Here follow the last correspondence I had with Hertz.



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