the mouse-remember man

the mouse remember man

In these days all around the city there is a poster advertising the new film  “the november man”.
Walking outside, on every corner we are confronted with this face pointing a gun full of aggression.
Despite knowing it’s just an advertising it still transmits a bad taste, it pollutes the atmosphere of what I consider a joyful city, now embellished by the blossoming trees of spring.
My kids , age 4 and 7, are touched by this brute scene too, and has been asking me quite a time what it’s about. I’ve been murmuring some bad remarks for a while and yesterday I finally came up with the explanation.
It’s an American  man who is terrible afraid of mouse, and he just got to see a mouse in his apartment. He got his gun and he is at the point to shooting at him.
Why he is so afraid of mouse? ask my small daughter.  Because he had a terrible youth. He was abandoned by his mother and his adoptive family was eating all the day in front of the TV, leaving the rest over food around on the floor. So came lot of mouses around. The father was used to it, but the kid no. The father was pissed of the kid screaming during a film or a ragby game when a mouse was getting to close. So the father started menacing him. Shoot up your mouth or I’ll make you eat it.  And he had already grabbed a mouse and placed in front on his face. The mouse, hold by the tail, would be squeaking, moving arms and legs, right into his eyes, trying to escape.
That’s the origin of the trauma generating such a hateful expression on the poster.the-mouse-remember-man1

At the end of the story I saw my kids with a pity expression on their face. I had succeed to disarm that invading source of hatred.

I publish it here in case some other fathers needs to clean up a bit the aggression in their places.

I wonder who got the idea of such an idiot poster.  Next to the brute face and the stretched arm holding a gun and,   there is  a woman in a tight dress as well, on a smaller scale. It all copes to attract  a visitor interested in the ancient behaviour of the hominids.
Its seams that after all the evolution of mankind we are still interested that brute animal instincts.
Are there so many stupid persons around ? Or are the film companies treating the public like we are all idiots?



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