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The power of irony

Last month I had a transfer in Madrid airport (Barajas). In the recent built terminal T, I had the luck to witness, with much pleasure, the power of irony.

Every so many seats there are some reserved for people in need (disabled, pregnant, elderly,….). These seats are well marked on the floor with a special yellow sign.

We know that there are people who don’t give a damn about the others and just do as they please.

At Barajas they had surely this in mind and had a wonderful idea to deal with antisocial behaviour

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the mouse-remember man

In these days all around the city there is a poster advertising the new film  “the november man”.
Walking outside, on every corner we are confronted with this face pointing a gun full of aggression.
Despite knowing it’s just an advertising it still transmits a bad taste, it pollutes the atmosphere of what I consider a joyful city, now embellished by the blossoming trees of spring.

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