TV brain opium

When you switch ON the TV for a child you are switching OFF his brain.

Watching the TV is a passive action that develops none of the child mind.

The child brain, in a standard situation, needs to absorb any kind of information from all around. It´s a necessity coded in our genes. The body needs to breath , the mind needs to learn. Try not to breath, or try not to think.

The mind is working hard to analyse all the incoming information (brain uses more energy than any other human organ), and in this effort is growing and developing.

But there is another basic low in nature: the minimum energy, which guides all beings towards the least consumption solution (like water from the mountains follows the easiest way to the sea).

In this matter the mind of the child will prefer steering at the TV instead of the environment around. The TV programs are made to conquer fast man’s attention. At the same time watching TV requests a minimum of consumption, as everything comes easily explained.

Once a child sit in front of the TV, he feels satisfied because he is fulfilling the natural law of minimum consumption. But at the same time the minimum exercise of the mind, stop its development. We learned the lesson with our physical condition: no training, no improvement.

Give him lego, give him paper and pencil, or just few wood sticks, and the child´s imagination will work and create a full world.

If you give the child a TV or any electronic game you are doing the same as giving a spinning wheel to a hamster. You are keeping the hamsters and kid busy, without any need to think.

At least the hamster is doing some sport, while the child´s brain is slowing damping in a warm opium cloud.


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